STM Jacket For iPad

STM's Jacket for the iPad is a very useful carrying bag for the iPad with a sleeve design. The STM Jacket has a very modern look and is very slim even with extra pockets. It's made from a water resistant nylon with a very nice looking white dotted pattern. The STM Jacket perfectly fits the iPad insides it's soft padded interior that opens up using a zipper. If you're using a slim case with your iPad, it will fit very snugly into the STM Jacket. The STM Jacket is very well padded so your iPad will stay safe and secure from bumps and minor drops.

Having a protective bag for your iPad might not be enough for you, so with the STM Jacket you have three extra pockets and come in handy. On the front of the Jacket there is a slip pocket for your iPhone that is lined with soft material. Also, there is a larger pocket with a zipper that can hold your cables, charger and whatever you might need. On the back of the Jacket you will find a slip pocket that's made to hold your documents and even a magazine, preferably a gadget magazine. The STM Jacket is very comfortable to carry around and it even has a very comfortable grab handle. If you choose, the Jacket also comes with a shoulder strap that's detachable. With all these options, the STM Jacket still manages to stay very slim and lightweight making it one of the best carrying bags for the iPad. Price $24.95.

Nir Schneider