Marware SportShell Convertible For iPad

Marware's new SportShell Convertible for the iPad is a do-it-all case with a few issues. The overall style of the SportShell Convertible is a snap on case that clips onto your iPad leaving your bezel exposed. The biggest issue with it is, it's very hard to get on your iPad and removing it is even harder. By doing so, your iPad had a big chance of getting scratched because of how hard it is to insert and remove your iPad in and out of the SportShell Convertible. Also, there are many sharp corners and edges making it slightly uncomfortable to handle, and on the inside it is not completely smooth. The SportShell Convertible has a grainy plastic texture finish unlike the matte and rubbery iPhone 3GS version.

With all that said, the SportShell Convertible has many useful features like being able to be used as a stand with it's four fold-out hinges that can be set for a low angle typing that angles your iPad upward. Also, you can set a landscape viewing or display angle which gives you a great movie or video viewing position, and of course you can use that angle to display your photos. But there is an issue with this angle being unstable even on a flat surface such as a table. If you slightly touch the screen once it's in the landscape position it could tip over easily. With the SportShell Convertible you get two interchangeable back plates including the standard black cover and one clear cover that can be used to display you iPad's Apple logo and part of it's aluminum body.

The SportShell Convertible also has a removable and comfortable hand strap that helps you grip and secure your iPad when holding it. The SportShell is pretty lightweight and comfortable to hold but it could be a problem installing it on your iPad and even scratch it. Price $59.99. 

Nir Schneider