Marware SportShell

The SportShell by Marware is a unique case for the iPhone 3GS because it features an interchangeable back piece and what the means is it comes with a clear clip that also acts as a stand and could rotate 360º that you can insert into the case by sliding out a piece of the cases back. And you can now use the SportShell for viewing movies or just have it as a stand or clip it to your clothes, the problem i had was that the clear clip got stuck in the open position and was very hard to close later on, also once you have the clear clip attached to the case the two latches where the case closes do not fit flush in one side. The SportShell is similar to the Slider cases by Incase but has two latches on each side for the case to close, and it’s a little hard to open those two latches apart and slider your iPhone out. This case has a very nice grippy texture to it just like the MicroShell, and does not attract any fingerprints, the case covers the chrome bezel and adds a lot of protection to your iPhone. It does not have any rubber guard rails inside, but i do not see this case scratching your iPhone. Marware offers this case with an Armband and it’s a great case for those who exercise that is called the SportShell Convertible. The SportShell comes in matte black only and inside the box you get a screen shield, clear stand clip, back cover and a cleaning cloth. My rating would have been higher but the clip problem and the two latches on the sides are a con for me. Price is 34.99.

Nir Schneider