Apple Aluminum IR Remote

This is Apple’s newest remote that is made of of anodized aluminum with the “Unibody” construction, there is not much to say other then it does what it’s meant to do. You would be able to use this remote with any Macbook and dock that has an IR receiver. Pairing the remote is very easy and takes no longer then 5 seconds, to do this you need to hold both the right click button and the play/pause button in front of the IR receiver. The remote is very comfortable to hold and feels very slim and sleek. It’s very sturdy and feels very solid. Although you might think the click wheel like button is like the one on an iPod that is touch sensitive, that is not the case. The remote has 7 buttons, and will control your iTunes, QuickTime, FrontRow, iPhoto, iDVD and some more. The price is $19.00.

Nir Schneider