Apple Magic Mouse

This is Apple’s newest and first wireless mouse that features Multi-Touch capabilities. First of all the design of the Magic Mouse is incredible and one of a kind, the top surface is glossy polycarbonate and both the sides and bottom are made from aluminum. The Magic Mouse is very sleek futuristic looking and very low profile, however it is not very ergonomic to your hand it would take a few days to get used to. The Multi-Touch technology works great for page scrolling and more, but it is very limited to other features where multi button mice are know to have. The Magic Mouse only has one button which is the entire white surface and it is all Multi-Touch too. If you right or left click you still get a normal mice clicking feedback. I would not suggest you get rid of your old mouse just yet, you might want to keep a regular mouse around if your a gamer. This mouse takes 2 AA batteries that are already included. It’s Bluetooth enabled and it does have a power on/off switch on the bottom. Priced at $69. 

  • Update: You are now able to configure your Magic Mouse’s Multi-Touch capabilities using this new App.
  • Update 2: A newer app just came out that gives you more customization options Better Touch Tool.

Nir Schneider