TatSkinz For iPhone 3GS

The TatSkinz for the iPhone 3G/S are creative decals that come in many colorful designs to help you change the way your iPhone looks and even protect it against scratches. The TatSkinz come with one back skin  and one front skin. I found the back skin to be a little narrow and it does not cover the sides at all, however it’s a lot easier to apply and won’t concern most people. The TatSkinz are very easy to apply  but make sure you clean your iPhone and have a clean space before you apply the skins. The skins don’t leave any sticky residue and are easy to take off and even stay sticky! The most unique thing about these skins are that there is a cut out for the apple logo to show thru, very nice in my opinion. You will be  able to use the skins with all silicone type cases and clear ones are nice to have so your designs are visible. The print quality of the designs are very good but not great. TatSkinz are available for other gadgets including handheld gaming consoles, Macbooks, iPods and more. Price $14.95.


Nir Schneider