Gelaskins For iPhone 3GS

GelaSkins have been around for a while now and they feature very talented artist designs on their skins. GelaSkins are protective yet well designed skins for the iPhone 3G/S that feature many artist designs on their 3M non-residue sticky skins, the skins are compatible with both iPhone 3G/S and the original iPhone. They stick to the back of your iPhone but also go right up to the chrome sides, they are very easy to instal just make sure you clean your device before and take your time to align the camera hole with the iPhone’s camera. I had no bubbles because GelaSkins are very durable and if you mess up you can peel it off and reapply once again with ease, they are also reusable. The print quality is very impressive and has a scratch and UV protection layer.

So why should you get a GelaSkin? Well if you do not like having cases on your iPhone but still want to have scratch protection with no added bulk while changing the look of your iPhone then i think GelaSkins are the way to go. The skins can be used with some cases like silicone one but not slider style case, Clip on style cases are also compatible. GelaSkins offers you to download free matching wallpaper for your iPhone so you can complete your front screen with the back side, you can download GelaSkins free wallpaper app in the app store. GelaSkins are also available for your Mac or other gadgets you might have. There are many designs to choose from so be unique and have fun! Price $14.95.

Nir Schneider