Grado SR60i Headphones

The SR60i by Grado headphones are most known for their retro or old school look but also for their extreme high sound quality, nothing for this price sound any better. The SR60i have a very rich and natural sound with great detailed bass, clear highs and full soundstage . The SR60i are open air meaning they do not isolate any outside noise, they are very comfortable with the sponge like ear pads that are also replaceable but will last you a very long time. The hand band is not made out of leather and the adjustable hight is done by sliding the cups up and down without any clicks like many other headphones. The build quality is very solid, the cups are made out of plastic but do not feel “cheap”. The cable is nice and thick for durability and comes with a screw-on 6.3mm adapter. The SR60i are one of the best selling models from Grado and are made in the U.S.A. They are truly audiophile grade headphones, but you might want to stay at home while using them if you mind the retro design style. Price $79.99. Can be found for less.

Nir Schneider