SGP Neo Hybrid

The new Neo Hybrid case for the iPhone 3G/S is a hybrid mix of silicone and hard plastic, the part that protects the back of the iPhone is soft grippy silicone  while the part the protects and covers the chrome entirely is made out of hard plastic. Having two parts to this case gives an overall nice design with added color options for the chrome plastic cover. It is not an easy job to install the Neo Hybrid on the iPhone because of the silicone and hard plastic but once you get the hang of it it’s not that bad.

The Neo Hybrid offers a lot of protection all around with extra coverage for the volume and power/sleep buttons while not taking any responsiveness away. You also get a good “lay on the table design” with having the plastic frame covering your chrome bezel, so you won’t have problems laying your iPhone flat on it’s screen. SGP also has different single plastic colored frame that you can purchase separately, with this case you get 2 Steinheil screen protectors, one anti-fingerprint film, one clear crystal film and a microfiber cloth. Available in 5 colors, price $26.99.

Nir Schneider