Jelfin Gel Covered Mouse

The cool and unique looking little mouse by Jelfin is gel covered all around and feels very nice, it’s wired with a very tiny USB plug and it has a 1,000Dpi sensor which not bad for scrolling around. And that is what’s it’s good for, scrolling around the web not for long periods of time or professional work and duties of any kind. No drivers required just plug and play, compatible with both Mac and PC, and come inside a nice little tin can that can be used to store this little gel covered mouse. It’s the size of a small notebook mouse and somewhat comfortable but can take some time getting used to holding a ball like style of mouse, the gel really helps otherwise it would be horrible to use. The Jelfin mouse is really something I would expect to carry because it really is more of a nice gift gadget and not a very useful everyday mouse. The jelfin mouse comes in 5 different arrays of colors and would probably be a good choice for a little kid to use because it will fit the hand size perfectly. Available at Amazon, Price $34.95.

Nir Schneider