Ableplanet True Fidelity Headphones

Ableplanet’s True Fidelity noise canceling headphones have one major flaw and that is they do not actually cancel any outside noise, not one bit however their Linx audio technology does and requires one 3xA battery that is included to power on the headphones. So what does this Linx thing do? It basically gives more power to the audio and you get better and stronger sound, not something i see very special just because the noise cancellation feature does not even work whether it has something to do with the power or not. So how do the True Fidelity sound? Good but not good enough, the bass sounds a little muddy and undetailed so does the overall spectrum, the sound is very full almost hard to distinguish the highs and lows so you do not get any crispy clear highs.

I found a big issue with sound leakage, these will leak a lot of sound just like a speaker so using the True Fidelity in public or quiet places can be an issue. However they are very light and comfortable and the headband is nice and fluffy. The True Fidelity headphones have a matte soft touch finish, and have an in-line volume control switch. In the box you can a battery, hardshell carry case, airplane adapter, home stereo adapter and a detachable/replaceable one sided 3.5mm audio cable (non proprietary). I would not recommend these for portable carry. If your looking to get one of Ableplanet’s headphones i would strongly recommend going for their higher models. Also available at Amazon. Price $129.99.

Nir Schneider