Vaja Ivolution Top Case for iPad Review

The Ivolution Top is one of Vaja's top cases that they have released. It is made out of smooth leather available in almost every color imaginable. It is handcrafted in Argentina to ensure best quality and fine craftsmanship.  The Ivolution costs $150 USD, but is well worth its value. No leather case is as comfortable in your hands or on your lap as the Ivolution. 

The Ivolution has a back piece that covers and protects the back of the iPad and comes up to the iPad's bezel. Then there is the front piece which attaches onto the front of the iPad to protect the iPad's screen while it is not in use. The front piece is also embellished with Vaja's silver logo, which adds a nice sleek look that  catches the eye. 

The Ivolution is great and seems flawless, but not quite.  The only minor flaw found in the Ivolution is that from being handmade, so it has a snug fit, which can cause some trouble when taking it in and off. Other than when the case is being applied, the Ivolution is the best case imaginable for its job.

Vaja demonstrates true dedication by using only the best leather made by real craftspeople. They have great service and make high quality cases.  But all this takes time, so you must wait 45 days for the made-to-order handicraft process to take place. The wait is well worth it though. And sure, it is expensive, but the leather serves as a luxurious cushion for the more expensive iPad. If you really have the money to spend and want an individual accessory to personalize and protect your iPad, Vaja even offers customization, which allows you to select a color(s), pick a style, add an image, and have your name stitched onto the case. 

The Ivolution crushes competition with its hand-crafted fine leather and protective fit. But with its snug fit, this case may not be for all people though. It may be for more dedicated users who carry their iPad around --  to, from, and at the office or the classroom --  or even for somebody who loves to spend their time reading e-books at the beach or at home.