V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones Review


The Crossfade LP are V-Moda's newest and first headphones added to their very popular line of in-ear earphones. The Crossfade LP feature V-Moda's unique style of design and they certainly do not disappoint, from outstanding packaging to their exoskeleton hard carrying case. The Crossfade LP feature patent-pending 50mm High-Definition drivers that produce fantastic deep and strong bass without any batteries. The bass is just outstandingly clear and not muddy or overpowering. The sound quality is very clear and warm with deep lows and clear detailed highs. I think V-Moda has made an outstanding pair of headphones that are definitely worth taking a look at. I have listened to many great headphones in the past and the Crossfade LP are one of the best sounding headphones out there. Also, sound will even improve with burn-in time and use.

The Crossfade LP headphones isolate outside noise very well with their memory foam ear cushions and surprisingly leak very little sound making them great to use in public and quiet areas which is a huge plus. The Crossfade LP are over-the-ear headphones and while being very comfortable, after a few hours of using them my ears started to hurt from the ear cups. After looking into the ear cups, I found out that there is no padding for when your ears are inside and touch against the insides of the driver's hard wall except for a thin mesh screen.

The build quality is very solid with lightweight metal accents and steel frame. The headband is very flexible and well padded, it also features memory foam. With the Crossfade LP, provided are two long detachable Kevlar-reinforced fabric cables that are supposedly meant to be very durable however I can see future issues with those cables fraying. The cables are 69" long and may tangle up sometimes but not always. One of the two detachable cables features a three-button remote control and mic that transforms your Crossfade LP's into headsets and lets you control calls, music and even your Mac. The audio jack is 3.5mm gold-plated with a 45 degree angle that is compatible with many devices. 

The Crossfade LP headphones are not foldable but can still be portable when using V-Moda's special and great looking exoskeleton hard carrying case which is somewhat portable depending on your travel. 

V-Moda's Crossfade LP headphones are very attractive in style and sound just as good. The Crossfade LP are available in three different colors that include Gunmetal Black, White Pearl and Phantom Chrome (which is the color used in this review). The Crossfade LP are a little pricy however they are a great alternative if not better to the Beats By Dr. Dre Studio by Monster that need batteries, leak a lot of sound and poorly isolate outside noise. Price $249.99.



Nir Schneider