Jays v-JAYS On-Ear Headphones Review

v-JAYS by Jays are the most sleekest and most simple headphones I've seen and used by far. The v-JAYS are on-ear headphones and are extremely lightweight and portable. The v-JAYS also fold up by collapsing each side except for the headband making them very portable and usable while traveling. The construction and build quality is very high but there are some small issues.

The foldable design does not click or lock into place, so you are left with two parts that always want fold inwards. However that does not actually affect comfort but it would be nice to have those two ear piece parts click into place. The v-JAYS are extremely comfortable and have very simple but comfortable ear pads that are replaceable. I can see these ear pads not lasting very long though. Each speaker unit has a ball joint that enables them to tilt and conform onto your ears. The audio cord is nice a thick and is also detachable from the middle point of the cord itself. This is a great thing to have if you need to leave you sound source quickly without taking off your headphones. 

The v-JAYS sound really great. The sound quality is amazing and very clear. The v-JAYS pack some nice tight and very noticeable bass. Nothing seems to distort or muffle out any of the sounds which is fantastic. The v-JAYS have fantastic crisp highs and mids as well. The overall sound quality is very "lightweight" with great bass. It's amazing how these thin lightweight headphones produce such great sound. With the v-JAYS, included are extra foam pads. Price $98.


Nir Schneider