DachaWorks Module iPhone 3GS Case Review

Dacha Works really wanted to make the Module iPhone 3G/S case different from others. While the Module case is supposed to change they way you hold your iPhone and make it more ergonomic, I did not really adapt to it that way. The Module adds some curves to the tempered back of the iPhone and it does add some grip but it does not make it more comfortable or ergonomic. The Module case has a clip-on style and provides very little protection. The Module has a wavy design on the front to supposedly help protect your iPhone's screen and metal bezel, but that is not the case. The wavy pattern is not even raised above the bezel and screen leaving both unprotected.

The back of the Module has a cut-out to give you a better grip, however that also isn't actually helpful other than pushing out your iPhone out of the case itself. Cut-outs on the Module case are perfect because they do not even cover the top and button giving you an easy access and less protection. The Module case is smooth, glossy and also very lightweight. Dacha Works came up with a nice concept but did not deliver a functional protective iPhone case. The Module case is available is four colors, black, pink, white and red. Price $19.95.


Nir Schneider