Incipio Tek-Nical iPad Sleeve

Incipio's Tek-Nical iPad sleeve is a great carrying solution that also provides storage to carry your little power brick, USB sync cable and some more. The Tek-Nical has two open pockets on each side that can also easily store away they carrying handles. I would have liked for those two pockets being able to securely close with velcro at least. The Tek-Nical sleeve looks like it's made out of neoprene but it's not, it has somewhat of a rough texture and feeling to it. The outside material is not very soft but a little stiff. On the inside of the Tek-Nical you will find a nylon lining, and I think a material like microfiber would have been better to use on the inside. The Tek-Nical provides great protection for your iPad with it's cushioning memory foam padding all surrounding your iPad. 

While the Tek-Nical sleeve is thin, it will not be compatible with cases and will only fit a bare iPad which is an issue because most people use cases on their iPad's. The Tek-Nical is currently only available in black with a price tag of $34.99.

Nir Schneider