Philips O'Neill The Stretch Headphones Review

What you are looking at right now is Philips and O'Neill's collaboration to make the most durable headphones yet. You might be thinking this pair of headphones look a bit strange with their dual headbands but it turns out that these pair of headphones are the most comfortable I have ever tested. The Stretch due in fact have a stretchable headband which flawlessly form fits to the size of your head, it almost feels like you're putting on a futuristic pair of headphones on your head. I could not say enough about how flawlessly the stretchable headband works -- it just works perfectly. The moment you put on The Stretch headphones on your head you will how comfortable they are, and they don't even put any stress or tension on your ears and head. This unique stretchable headband does not require any clicking or measurements allowing you to quickly enjoy your music.

Another plus about The Stretch headphones is that they are closed-air meaning they block outside sounds and noises, and they work very well on that part to isolate you with your music without any batteries or fancy noise-cancelling add-ons. The Stretch actually block more outside noises than the popular Beats By Dr. Dre Studios. With The Stretch you get a tangle-free nylon cable that has a break-away detachable design in case you forget you have your headphones on and move away from your audio source. While this is a tangle-free cable, it does tend to curl up a bit but quickly straightens up.

The Stretch are constructed with the TR 55LX which is a nylon material that gives The Stretch it's name and ultra durability. You can bend and twist these headphones without breaking them. You will notice that the ear cups have a matte soft-touch finish to them that won't attract finger prints. Comfort and sound quality is the most important thing in headphones, and also the first thing I look for. The Stretch are so comfortable that I used them for more than 4 hours straight without any issues. You will be glad to know that the 3.5mm plug is slim enough to fit any input even gadgets with cases on.

So how does these super comfortable pair of stretchable headphones sound? Forget about the Beats By Dr. Dre Studios (which are not bad but overpriced), The Stretch deliver near perfect sound for the price. The Stretch overall sound is warm and crisp clear with juicy bass that will satisfy your every need. Not only do The Stretch produce outstanding bass quality, they do not overpower or distort the highs and mids. The Stretch produce great detailed quality sound for every genre of music which make them an ideal choice. When your songs demand deep lows, crisp highs and warm mids, The Stretch will deliver. Sound bleeding is very minimal and will not likely disturb others while listening to music at normal levels. I would highly recommend checking these pair out, you simply cannot go wrong with The Stretch. Price $99.99. | O'

Nir Schneider