Beyza SlimLine Stripes Pouch for iPhone 4 Review

If you are a fan of pouches or even looking for that perfect pouch for your iPhone 4, you should look no further. The SlimLine by Beyza is one of the most amazing leather pouches on the market. This case has the most soft, high quality leather I've felt by far. Right out of it's protective pouch, the SlimLine pouch wows you with it's sharp looks and that strong leathery smell. It's very well padded yet slim and not bulky. You can press down with your finger on the leather and feel how it absorbs your input a little. This shows you how protective it is when you have your precious iPhone 4 inside. 

The SlimLine pouch almost covers your entire iPhone 4 leaving the top side and a bit of both sides open so you have an easy access to your silent switch and top sleep/awake button. Your bottom dock port is also opened and will allow access for most 3rd party accessories. Also, the dock port cutout is used to easily and quickly push out your iPhone 4 out of the SlimLine pouch. You can easily slip in your iPhone 4 into the SlimLine pouch and the fit is very precise but will also allow for any back skins as well as any antenna band skins which is great to have when you're using your iPhone 4 with a pouch. 

There is a written embossed logo on the back as well as a small logo on the front side but they are really unnoticeable to the eye and I really like that. The insides of the SlimLine pouch are lined with a soft felt material that will not scratch your iPhone. The SlimLine pouch feels very comfortable in the pocket, but I think you would want to hold it more than to hide it inside your pocket. The Beyza SlimLine Stripes is everything you would expect from a fine pouch, and It really compliments the iPhone 4 very well. You can get the SlimLine Stripes in fifteen colors so you're bound to find your favorite color combination. Price $48 - €36.95.

Nir Schneider