Belkin Envelope Case for iPad

A short while earlier, I posted a review on Belkin’s iPad sleeve cases line up, and today I have another case that fits into the sleeve category, but this one is unique compared to the other three. The Belkin Envelope case for iPad focuses on a business style look with the simple function of keeping your iPad safe while transporting it to and from your home. The outside of the case is made of synthetic leather, but it looks very classy and does not have any distinct smell to it. The case has white stitching going around the edge of the case and a flap at the top of the case to prevent the iPad from falling out. The inside is lined with a VERY soft felt-like material, and I can’t see any way how it could cause scratches to your iPad.

There’s not much to say about the looks of the case. It’s an elegant looking black, based on the string-closed envelope style. I really like the look of it, simple, smart and elegant. Functionality wise, it’s also a simple matter. It’s designed to have a naked (not cased) iPad slided in from the top, and kept held inside with a flap that is secured by a string wrapped around two ‘buttons’. The iPad is fairly easy to put in and out of the case, although a larger finger hole at the top would have helped make this easier. The closing mechanism works great as one simple loop is sufficient to hold in the iPad.

The case does not completely cover the iPad. The top corners will be exposed, as the flap at the top does not go completely across. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle as the iPad does not actually stick out of the openings. The only possible problem I can see with this case is the string itself, as it could possibly suffer badly from wear and tear.

Overall, this case will suit anyone who uses the iPad naked but would like a case during transport. The classy look will no doubt attract businessmen who own iPads, and the simplicity of the case could be a plus or minus for you. The only thing that needs consideration is whether you’re willing to pay a premium price of $59.99 for this, as there are other sleeve cases available for much cheaper. If you’ve got the budget, this case will suit you nicely.

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