ModulR iPad Case And Quick Stand

ModulR is the ultimate iPad case, but not by itself. The ModulR iPad case is the most versatile iPad case by connecting to various accessories from ModulR like the Quick stand that allows you to quickly transform your iPad with the ModulR case into a stand for typing and also for viewing movies and displaying pictures only in the widescreen position, although you can position it in a portrait angle too but it's not meant for that. The ModulR iPad case alone is a pretty good case but it does not come with any of the accessories which make it worth buying like the Quick Stand and the Slim Mount (both made from metal) to mount your iPad on a wall using of course the ModulR case. The way the ModulR iPad case works is it has four low-profiled pegs on the back which latch onto various ModulR accessories and click securely into place. I must say that the ModulR iPad case with the Quick Stand are a match made in heaven. The angles are not adjustable but are perfect for typing and viewing movies. You can set the Quick Stand in a typing position but simply flipping around your iPad on your desk. Once you have the Quick Stand latched onto your ModulR iPad case, it will stay on very secure and will allow you to fully interact with your touch screen without worrying about it tipping over or wobbling. There are rubber feet on the Quick Stand and four back pegs on the iPad case that won't scratch your desk and will proved some grip.

Even with it's pegs on it's back, the ModulR iPad case is pretty slim and not very bulky. It feels very durable and protective but it does recess your headphones jack and orientation lock switch. You will not be able to use any other headphones or earphones that do not have a 3.5mm plug like the Apple earphone 3.5mm plug. This might get fixed so I suggest contacting ModulR for updated info. The look of the ModulR iPad case docked into the Quick Stand is very esthetic on a desk or night stand.

With the ModulR iPad case you also get a hard plastic cover that latched onto the front of the case and provides extra protection for your screen when you're traveling and storing your iPad. Because of how the cover locks onto the iPad case, you are left with a bit of your iPad's bezel showing on both ends of the case (as seen in the video above). The Material used in the ModulR iPad case is a TPU material that is pretty flexible and installs pretty easily onto the iPad. The fit isn't exactly perfect meaning the sides have a slight play, nothing to worry about though because you can hardly notice it and this might be because of it being an early production sample.

The main attraction are the ModulR accessories which lets face it, are a must in order to get the full experience out of the ModulR case. Now this doesn't come cheap because of how much the iPad case is already plus the cost of an accessory. ModulR offers a starter package that includes the ModulR iPad case + Quick Stand + Wall Mount for $99. If you want a ModulR case I would highly suggest getting it with the Quick Stand which is a fantastic combination that is extremely useful and works very well. The only bad thing I can say is that the ModulR iPad case is expensive without any included accessory at $59. I would not suggest getting the iPad case alone, you can find a better case for much less. However, you can really benefit from the starter package if you're going to also use the Slim Mount with your iPad. I would say the most useful ModulR combo for most people would be the iPad case with the Quick Stand. The Quick Stand alone will cost you $19 and comes in four colors.

ModulR will be coming out soon with a Shoulder Strap and a Universal Swing Arm that can be used as a car mount, desk mount and a wall mount. So with the ModulR iPad case and line of accessories you really get a lot of options which will cost you your hard earned cash. Price $99 for the starter package that includes the iPad case + cover + Quick Stand + Slim Mount, or $59 for the iPad case + cover.

Nir Schneider