Padacs iPhone 4 Case Lineup


We have reviewed several outstanding products by Padacs, a company that brings consumers low cost, quality accessories for Apple products, and today we take a look at some of Padacs’ iPhone 4 case lineup. There are three cases here, the Storm, the Plexus and iPhone 4 Bumpers. Each are very dfferent from each other, with the Storm being a play-through case, the Plexus being a snap on shell, and the latter being simple rubber bumpers.

The Storm case for iPhone that I received was the clear version, although Padacs also offers a blue version. It is a semi hard silicon case similar to the feel of the Belkin Grip Vue, and the back has a wavy designs of dots. When put on the iPhone, the design was more prominent, and contrasted the iPhone’s glass back quite nicely. The case has a slight lip over the front sides, although not quite as much as many cases. Functionality wise, the case has integrated button covers, which do line up well and are fairly easy to press. It’s got a decent sized opening for both the headphone jack and the cable connection, while the mute switch is also easily accessible. The hole for the camera and flash is also nicely shaped, and should not interfere with any photography. The only downside I saw with this case was that in my hand, it just felt a tad bit like cheaper quality silicon. Most people probably won’t notice it, but perhaps it is just because I’ve become accustomed to the glossy Grip Vue case. However, at a price of $9.95, it’s hard not to consider this as a case for you.

The Plexus case is a snap on mesh case, similar to the Incase Perforated Snap Case. The case is designed to simply snap onto the back of the iPhone, and as such, doesn’t offer very much protection. These types of cases are more for those looking for scratch protection and back protection rather than screen protection. The case has a slight rubbery feel to it, and is a slightly bendable material. It feels nice in the hands, but shouldn’t have a problem with slipping in and out of pockets. The top and bottom of your iPhone will be completely open, but the sides are completely covered save for the volume rockers and the mute switch. All ports are easily accessible, including the camera hole at the back.

For anyone looking for a lightweight, thin case more for looks or scratch protection than drop protection, the Plexus is a nice choice, especially at only $9.95.


The final cases are the Bumper cases that Padacs offer, but there’s not much to talk about with these types of cases. They’re simply silicon pieces designed to wrap around the sides of your iPhone, and leave both the screen and back completely exposed. I don’t generally recommend bumper style cases because they provide little protection or functionality. This certain case feels pretty flimsy and can come off easily. Other than being fairly cheap at $12.95 for a pack of three (Red, black and clear), you’d be best going for either the Storm or Plexus, depending on your needs.

Although the Bumper cases are hard to recommend, the Storm and Plexus cases are very good choices for an iPhone 4 case, both of which will not make a huge hole in your wallet. As a plus, Padacs has just expanded its shipping zone to include North America, and as a limited time offer, you can get free shipping on your purchases. Go ahead to to check out their whole iPhone case lineup!