PADACS Ergonomic iPad Stand

PADACS Ergonomic iPad stand is great iPad stand that is not only made out of quality materials such as aluminum, it is extremely functional as well. As soon as you open the box you can see that as it comes folded flat in a neoprene carrying case which makes it very easy to carry around next to your iPad in a bag or briefcase because of the extra protection of the neoprene case.

The stand is very easy to assemble, even though it does have many stages. The grey bits at the side pull out to support the iPad when it is in landscape mode, and pulls in when the iPad is in the portrait orientation. The stand has 6 angles of elevation enabling you to see the iPad from any angle. And the iPad feels extremely stable in all positions, landscape or portrait. The stand places the iPad on a foldout rubberized ledge to stop it moving around and keeping the iPad stable and secure. One thing that is really nice, is that the ipad is not clipped in so it is easy to remove unlike some other iPad stands.

The stand looks great on a desk next to your computer and it is very easy to use when the iPad is on the stand. Although, I would like the stand to go just a bit lower for even easier typing and just a higher for movie watching and displaying info apps like the weather on the iPad better. Otherwise, this is one of the best iPad stands I have used. I like the simple design, the range of angles and how secure the iPad feels when it is on the stand.

PADACS Ergonomic iPad Stand is available from PADACS for $62.95. PADACS is now shipping all of their products to the US and Canada with free shipping to the US.