Cookoo Smart Bluetooth Watch Review

The Cookoo is a $130 watch that we've heard about not long ago when it made it's way onto the crowdfunding platform they call Kickstarter. Made by a brand called ConnecteDevice which is secretly developed by Bluetrek, a company that specializes in making Bluetooth headsets such as the ultra-sleek carbon fiber-made Carbon headset, the Cookoo is a smart Bluetooth connected wristwatch plainly cloaked under a minimalist analog watch face.

If you didn't get the memo yet, telling time isn't the main focus of this watch. Think of it as an extension of your smartphone that's worn on your wrist. The Cookoo is an iOS and Android app driven watch that pulls various notifications and alerts from your smartphone or tablet ensuring that you'll never miss an important call or notification; by displaying them on your wrist using visual, audible and sensory alerts. How does it compare against the other smart watches including the Pebble and the G-Shock DB-6900? Join us after the break as we go wrist-on with the Cookoo.

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