GelaSkins Skin for iPad 2

GelaSkins are one of the best, if not the best solution for protecting your gadgets from scratches. GelaSkins are one of my favorite skins to use because they are simple to install and you can remove them countless times without any residue. GelaSkins for the iPad 2 are exactly what you would expect from GelaSkins, very high quality and beautiful selection of artistic designs. I slapped my iPad 2 with GelaSkins' Mountain View skin and it turned out stunning. Catch the full review right after the break.

GelaSkins faced a few obstacles since the first generation iPad. The iPad 2 required a few cutouts to be made to the skin in order for everything to work properly. The iPad 2 skin is cut perfectly all around with spot on cutouts. Unlike the GelaSkins skins for the first generation iPad, the skins for the iPad 2 require a lot more precision when installing just because there are a lot of cutouts and edge to edge coverage. 

It took me a while to install the back side of the GelaSkin on my iPad 2. I had to realign my position a few times and because GelaSkins uses a high quality 3M material, I could easily remove and realign the skin as many times as I needed. You need to take your time and gently lift the GelaSkin off in order not so damage it. I ended up with a pretty good result and I'm very happy with the final result. Just like with any other GelaSkin, it was very easy to remove any air bubbles underneath the skin because of the special diamond pattern the skin has. 

The quality of GelaSkins' stock atristic designs is flawless. You can custom make your very own GelaSkin by uploading your own design at no additional cost. You can check out the review of GelaSkins' custom skins here. Having a back skin on the iPad 2 is very important to protect against scratches, especially when using a Smart Cover. Also, the Smart Cover's magnetic spine does not come in contact with your iPad 2's aluminum since the GelaSkin covers the side all the way to the edge. It's great if you're worried about any scratching occurring due to using the Smart Cover.

In addition to a back GelaSkin, for $29.95 you also get a front sort of frame skin that can be matched seamlessly with a free wallpaper GelaSkins provides. I can guarantee people will constantly ask you about your iPad 2 when rocking a GelaSkin. My iPad 2 is now officially customized and it looks awesome. I couldn't recommend this enough.