SGP Gariz Edition Leather Verizon & AT&T iPhone 4 Flip Case

What you're looking at is SGP's Gariz Edition flip case compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 and it's made out of real leather. I'm a really big fan of SGP's leather flip cases since I reviewed the Vintage Leather Edition for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The Gariz is one elegant looking leather case with a lot to love. Check out the full review after the break. 

The SGP leather cases or pouches as SGP calls them, are relatively affordable and rightly priced for their quality. If you're familiar with SGP's other leather flip cases for the iPhone, the Gariz is not differently built out of the bunch. The only changes are in terms of outer design patterns and leather grain. The Gariz I've got for this review has a more familiar leather look to it that I like on leather cases. The Vintage Leather Edition flip cases made by SGP use a smoother leather that gets scratched very easily on purpose to give it a character while the Gariz does not and that's just a preference really. The Gariz is lined with a soft microfiber material to prevent scratching.

If you're not used to flip cases for the iPhone, you need to know that the flap will always hang lose unless you fold it back which will then make it like you're holding a very bulky case since the flap does not sit completely flush while it's folded back. It's not a problem getting used to it though and even without folding the flap back it's pretty comfortable to hold. The iPhone 4 sits tightly inside the Gariz without any edging of the case protruding over the screen. So you're not very protected if you drop your iPhone 4 while the flap is opened. That's really the only little drawback with this flip case and other SGP flip cases. Once you do however, have the flap closed up, your iPhone 4 is very secure and protected. 

You might want to choose a leather flip case for your iPhone 4 to protect your screen when you're not using it and put it in your pocket with keys and other object that could potentially scratch your screen or worse. SGP does make these leather flip cases without the flip part if you're still into this kind of look.

There is a lot of attention to detail going on with little embossed patterns on the inside and out. Everything seems to be well rounded on the Gariz so your iPhone 4 is well protected and you get a better comfortable hold. The flap uses friction alone to lock itself closed with the leather wrapped tab. I noticed that if you constantly press the flap against your iPhone 4's screen when it's close, it will leave an imprint of the embossed print that it on the inside micorfiber lining. It does easily rub off though but it may annoy you so keep that in mind.

Around the back of the Gariz is where the flap connects to the case itself and the connection is finished off using a low-profiled hump that doesn't even affect the way you hold the case in your hand nor does it wobble on a table. When the flapped is closed you cannot use the dock connector port to charge and sync but there are cutout for the mic and speaker. The back camera cutout is outlined with a piece of black plastic to eliminate any flash issues and washed out pictures.

Buttons are all very easily accessible and there is a generous wide opening for the headphone port. Overall I really like the Gariz leather flip case for the iPhone 4 and I think you will to. It's properly hand made at a high quality level and everything seems to perfectly fit where they should. I would suggest this case for minor drop protection and overall good looks. The Gariz also comes with SGP's Ultra Crystal screen protectors.

The Ultra Crystal screen protectors for the iPhone 4 are one of the finest I've ever used. It was an easy first installation and I had no air bubbles. The quality is second to none without any rainbowing effect. It's as clear as not having a screen protector on at all. I'm impressed by the quality of the Ultra Crystal screen protectors. The Gariz is available in three different variation including a red color and comes with one Ultra Crystal screen protector for $55.99.