Wrapsol For iPhone 3GS

Wrapsol is an anti-scratch protection solution for your iPhone or any other gadgets you might have that gives you great protection against scratches and even gives you better grip. The Wrapsol kit comes with 2 films, one for the front screen and one for the back, what makes Wrapsol so different is that their back protection gives you iPhone a great matte look and also makes it finger print free! Also you get more grip because of the grainy texture the back protection film has, now you can have a great looking matte iPhone without any fingerprints. The front screen protector film is clear and not matte. Wrapsol makes it very easy for you to apply your protection kit onto your iPhone and within a few minutes you can be done.

After you apply the back piece I would recommend putting you iPhone into a silicone case for a few hours just to help with the corners to stay in place, you will see it’s very easy but you just need to take your time and you will have a fantastic looking iPhone, just allow a few hours to pass until the process is fully complete as per Wrapsols instructions. Wrapsols protection kit includes a very nicely sized real microfiber cloth, a flexible rubber squeegee, a glass application solution spray and a very easy to follow instruction that i did not even need to use to install my kit. I highly recommend getting this protection kit even if you are using a silicone case already. Having a Wrapsol on your iPhone might not be compatible with tight sliding cases.  Wrapsol is made in the U.S.A. Wrapsol is also available for the iPad. Price $24.95.


Nir Schneider