Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset Review

The newest Bluetooth headset from Jawbone called the Icon is a big improvement over the past generations. The Icon is very easy to use with only 2 buttons to operate one that is only dedicated to powering on and off and the other for answering calls, ending calls, redialing, activating voice dialing and also checking your Icon’s remaining battery life with a single button. Some of the new features are a battery status indicator right on the iPhone that will display your Icon’s battery life right next to the iPhone’s battery life. Also a new feature is MyTalk, now when you receive a call your Icon will speak to you and tell you the callers phone number or even tell you how much battery life you have with a neat voice and style. More after the break.

Every Icon model comes with it’s own voice style and could be changes via the MyTalk website by plugging in your Jawbone into your computer. The MyTalk online tool is still in beta and i have yet to try it out but it should be very simple and fast. The Icon is very small and also very comfortable to wear, it feels very secure inside your ear. Many ear tips are provided to everyone will get a nice good fit, you are able to use an ear hook or just plug it right into your ear like an earbud so there are many comfort options available. 

The design and build quality is outstanding just like you would expect from Jawbone and every other model to date. The packaging got smaller too but still looks just as great and with it comes a USB wall charger, a flexible short USB cable what can twist and hold it’s position so your Icon will be display as you like and will not get in the way. The sound quality is fantastic with all of Jawbone’s special features like Noise Assassin that cancels out any background noise and a wind sensor filter to cancel out wind. 

On the Icon you will find the status indicator led that is designed in a circular shape and also looks really nice, when charging the led will turn red and when finished it will turn white. Charging is fast and will take about 90 minutes to get a full charge, and you will get up to 4.5 hours of talk time. The Icon is a great Bluetooth headset with spoken updates that will make you smile on the street or give you an impression that you are some kind of hero.. The Icon is available in 6 different versions and colors.  Price $99.00.