ID America Skyline Rigid Flex Case for iPhone 4

The Skyline Rigid Flex case for the iPhone 4 by ID America looks plain and simply awesome with it's ultra-modern perforated back pattern. The Skyline case is made from a TPU material so it's very durable and flexible but at the same time it is also very rigid. While looks are very important to most, protection and usability are also important. Read more to find out if the Skyline case fits the bill after the cut!

I really love the design of the Skyline case which is very modern and different than most TPU cases available for the iPhone 4. The Skyline case form-fits the iPhone 4 like a glove with it's slim form factor. The perforation on the back give a nice contrast between the two colors of the iPhone 4 and the case depending on the color selection. For the best results I would recommend getting a white Skyline case if your iPhone 4 has a black back and a black Skyline case if you have a white iPhone 4 case in order to show the unique pattern of the Skyline case.

There are two minor flaws with the white Skyline case which are the cutout for the camera and LED flash and the sleep/wake button. First of all the white Skyline case does interfere with the LED flash while taking a picture and will bounce off some white color into the image. So if you're using your flash often, I would recommend going with a black Skyline case instead. The other minor flaw with the Skyline case is that there is almost no feedback when pressing the sleep/wake button however it is still usable. This might be just with the particular case I received to review though. The Skyline case feels great in the hand but does not add any added grip to the iPhone 4 and the finish does not attract any lint which is a plus.

There are no issues pressing the volume buttons and reaching the silent switch. You've got a decent amount of lay-on-the-table designed edging on top of the front screen. You get a decent amount of protection with the Skyline case against scratches and light bumps. ID America also provides front and back film protection so you're all covered and no need to worry about those back perforations if you install the back protector. You will need to take off the Skyline case once in a while just to keep everything clean since some dust and other small particle will eventually form in between the openings. 

If you like the looks of the Skyline Rigid Flex case for the iPhone 4 like I do, I would definitely recommend it as a special going-out case. The Skyline Rigid Flex is available in white, black and pink. Price $24.99.

Nir Schneider