Rearth Verco Apple Keyboard Cover Review

The Rearth Verco silicone keyboard is made to universally fit the keyboards of Apple products like the MacBook, MaBook Pro, MacBook Air of all sizes plus the Apple Wireless and Wired keyboards. Traditionally you would need to buy a keyboard cover for your specific device and keyboard which isn't ideal. Rearth has done a terrific job at making the Verco fit any Apple keyboard. Read more to find out how the Verco performs.

Now why would you need a keyboard cover in the first place? Well I can tell you that I've been using silicone keyboard covers for years now and I've been saved by them numerous times from drink spills. Not to mention that Apple keyboard have spaced out buttons so dust and small debris get trapped inside when you don't have a keyboard cover on. Better be safe than sorry right? So how well does the Rearth Verco perform? In two words - outstandingly well.

The Verco feels firm to the touch when typing and absolutely does not interfere while typing. I'm writing this review using the Verco cover and I have no issues with pressing the keys at all which is fantastic. Typing and using the Verco keyboard cover is actually better than just typing on the naked keyboard. The Verco dampens the sound your keyboard makes and gives you a nice firm button press feedback. I would never think to use my keyboard without a good quality silicone cover such as the Verco.

The Verco is also transparent so your backlit MacBook keyboard will show thru at night. The fit and finish are flawless and perfectly fit both the MacBook and Wireless/Wired keyboard. It really doesn't get any better than this. If you don't already have a keyboard cover, get protected by Verco. I highly recommend it to anyone with an Apple device. You can get the Verco in four colors and as a bonus you also get a pack of Ringz. Price $12.99.