Luxa2 PH4 & PH1 iPhone 4 Cases

We will be covering two cases from Luxa2 called the PH4 and the PH1 for the iPhone 4. The PH4 case is also a stand with a built in kickstand on it's back and a pleather finish while the PH1 case for the iPhone 4 is a much more simple back snap-on case with a matte finish. But are these cases really sweet and charming? Find out after the break! 

Sadly there are some flaws with both of these cases in the fit and finish department. The PH1 case above is a very slim and thin back snap-on cover case with a matte soft-touch finish on both sides. It's very well cut and there are no sharp edges so it's comfortable to hold. The PH1 case is meant to give you minimal protection and fully covers the back side of the iPhone 4 as well the sides leaving the top and bottom opened for easy access to 3rd party accessories.

The only flaw in the PH1 case is that it's not compatible with any back skins and protectors. It might not be a big deal for some but it's always good to be protected when you take your case off and on. Other than that the PH1 is a very decent thin case for the iPhone 4. You've got easy access to you buttons and the camera cutout couldn't be any better. Like most thin back snap-on cases, the PH1 does not offer any protection for the front screen. Installing the PH1 case on the iPhone 4 is a breeze and equally easy to remove. With just 1mm of thickness, you're not going to get much drop protection if any. 

If you're not sporting a back skin or film protector on your iPhone 4, then the PH1 is a fantastic slim case for you. 

The Luxa2 PH4 has got more of a classy look with the metal pop-out kickstand and pleather finish. With the PH4 case you do get more grip but at the same time the fit is a bit loose. The iPhone 4 easily snaps in place but the PH4 case does not firmly grip it around the edges for some reason. It might be because of the metal kickstand overpowering the plastic of the case itself, what ever it is it's not looking good. The Pleather finish looks good and provides a nice grip though the kickstand makes the case look cheap because of the very obvious hinge right in the middle.

The metal kickstand actually works well while you want to view a movie or play a game in the landscape angle. As soon as you pop out the kickstand it will want to pop off the case with it and that's a big flaw in the fit of the PH4. The good things about this kickstand is that it's very stable and firm.

The PH4 case isn't a bulky case and unlike the PH1 it offers a minimal lip over the front screen. The inside is coated with a soft-touch matte coating to minimize potential scratches. The PH4 bottom and top opening are identical to the PH1 case while the side volume and silent switch are completely uncovered. The back camera cutout is also nicely cut. 

Even with the extra features of the PH4 case I could not recommend it but instead I would recommend the PH1 case for those who seek minimal protection and don't use back skins. The PH1 case is available in three colors while the PH4 only comes in black. PH1 case price $24.99 - PH4 case price $38.


Nir Schneider