Fabrix Sleeve for iPhone 4

We've got a great sleeve for all you sleeve lovers out there, the Fabrix sleeve for the iPhone 4. Simple and to the point sleeve made to custom fit your beautiful naked iPhone 4. The Fabrix sleeve we've got for this review is the Pixelated Camo pattern and it looks geeky strong. Catch the full review after the break!

The Fabrix sleeves come in a vast arrange of patterns and not only for the iPhone 4 but for the iPod Touch 4G and many more devices. The insides of the sleeve are made out of a nylon material so that you can easily slip in your iPhone 4 but at the same time it will stay very secure inside without falling out on it's own. You can use skins and screen protectors on your iPhone 4 without any issues whatsoever.  

The Fabrix sleeve is generously padded all around except for the top opening so that your iPhone 4 is well protected against bumps and scratches. It's not a bulky sleeve though the padding does add some level of bulk which you will not notice in your pocket. There are no visible stitching to be found on the Fabrix sleeve and that makes for a nice clean look. 

I was a bit worried that I would miss an incoming call because there are isn't a speaker cutout on the bottom. I soon found out that you can still clearly and loudly hear audio coming thru the fabric which is fantastic. It's also very easy to get your iPhone 4 out of the sleeve by pushing the bottom upwards.

At the end of the day, the Fabrix sleeve for the iPhone 4 proved to be a great protective sleeve for everyday use and the feeling of the fabric gives you a good comfortable grip. I think you will be most happy with the Fabrix sleeve and it should neatly fit your needs. Price $21.90.


Nir Schneider