Case-Mate ID Case for iPhone 4

The ID Case from Case-Mate is a spinoff of their popular Barely There snap on back cover. It basically is a Barely There with a added space on the back that holds up to 2 cards. It retails for $34.99 and is available in a variety of colors. Inside the packaging you'll find the case, along with a front screen protector as well as a black armor. Also to promote going green, Case-Mate has included a pack of poppy seeds inside. Its a great Idea, but does it deliver? Read on to Find out.

Looking Around the case, you'll find the top and bottom are completely open as the case with most snap on cases. You have a large cutout for the volume buttons and vibrate switch. On the back there is a keyhole shaped camera cutout, its nice and large so you will not experience any issues while using the LED flash. On the back you'll also find the slot for the cards. There's a slot at the top of the case to slide the cards in and at the bottom there is a triangular shaped cutout so you can push out the cards.

The case is very solidly built and there are no problems with the fit and finish of the case. The buttons on the side are easy to push and there is no problems getting to them. The card slot is very secure, whether you put in one or two cards, they lock into place and they don't fall out even if you shake the phone. Another added bonus of having the slot is that it helps grip the phone and makes it more comfortable to hold.

There are a few issues worth mentioning however. First is the fact that if you don't apply the back protector, you're phone is fully exposed where the bottom cutout is. This can be a problem when dirt gets inside and possible scratches your phone. Also while its nice that they include a back protector, it doesn't cover the entire back, only everything under the camera, so a good portion is left prone to scratching. 

Overall the ID Case is worth buying. It may seem a bit expensive at first, but when you consider the fact that you get both front and back protectors along with a great case, it really is a great deal. I highly recommend this great case