Pinlo Bladedge Case for iPhone 4

The Pinlo Bladedge is the thinnest bumper style case made for the iPhone 4 I have ever seen. At just 1mm thickness, this bumper is nearly unnoticeable on the iPhone 4. The Bladedge incorporates a hard plastic material that is called 'cellulose acetate' which is supposedly a high quality material, fancy isn't it? Though I'm sure you don't care so much about these fancy terms but instead want to know how good really is this bumper case. Find out after the break!

The Pinlo Bladedge is not for everyone as it only meant to protect the iPhone 4's metal bezel while eliminating any signal issues caused by making direct contact with the antenna. There is absolutely no protection for the front and back glass of the iPhone 4 but Pinlo is nice enough to cover you and include front and back clear film protection. If you don't like to use cases but still want some minimal protection then the Bladedge would be the perfect choice for you. It's so thin that you hardly even notice you've got a bumper case on your iPhone 4.

I do love the raised rubber volume and sleep/wake buttons which provide a nice feedback when pressed. You can also easily change the color of your rubber buttons with the additional ones provided with the Bladedge. Depending on the color of the Bladedge you choose the button colors will change accordingly. 

The Bladedge is fairly easy to put on and once it's on it doesn't move around at all. All the Bladedge bumpers have a semi-transparent color with a very small logo embossed on the bottom side. The headphone port, dock connector and speaker/mic cutouts are all cut very well. You will only be able to use slim 3.5mm audio jacks with the Bladedge. 

Overall the Bladedge would work really well for those who seek minimal protection for their iPhone 4. As of this review the Bladedge is available in clear and black. Price $26.95.

Nir Schneider