Inicpio Hive Gaming Case for iPod Touch 4G

iPod Touch 4G gamers rejoice! The Incipio Hive gaming case is here to give you some grip on that thin iPod Touch 4G of yours. This honeycomb silicone case will provide you with the outmost grip, but don't think you're going to go from noob to pro because of using the Hive case just yet. Catch the full review right after the break!

First of all with the Hive case you are going to get a clear screen protector that works really well with both the Hive and the glass screen of the iPod Touch 4G. Incipio's screen protectors are really well cut and fit easily without air bubbles. Not to mention that having a screen protector is a great investment for touch screen devices. You can see that the honeycomb pattern is also found on the inside of the Hive case. This is a pattern that Incipio uses on a lot of their cases within their insides to make the case lighter but more rigid as well.

What makes the Hive such a great grip providing case is it's raised honeycomb pattern on the outside. Handling the iPod Touch 4G inside of the Hive feels really good in the hand because of how much grip there is. The soft silicone combines with this texture makes up for excellent grip. What makes the Hive more friendlier for gaming is it's two raised bumps on both ends of the case. I feel that it's much more comfortable to hold the iPod Touch 4G using the Hive because of that. It's not anything that will make you game better but it will give you a more comfortable purchase on your iPod Touch 4G that's for sure. 

The Hive isn't just a gaming case, it's also a superb shock protective case. You get a lot of drop protection with the Hive because of the material used and it's construction. Corners are extra padded with silicone and that also provides a great deal of grip. I feel confidant dropping my iPod Touch 4G on the ground using the Hive. The Hive does add some wanted bulk to the iPod Touch 4G though for a case that has this much shock protection it's forgivable. 

You've got a great deal of front screen protection with the Hive because of it's raised layer of silicone on top. You can still type and reach the edges of the screen without a problem. Both the camera and bottom dock port cutouts are recessed yet there is no issue plugging 3rd party sync/charge cables and headphones.

The Hive is made out of high quality silicone that doesn't attract lint easily. Also, the sides to do not flex outwards like most silicone cases. 

You can't beat Incipio's gaming cases even if you're not gaming these cases are great shock absorbers. You can get the Hive in four colors for $19.99.