Monster Outlets To Go 3

Monster's Outlets To Go 3 is made for those who travel and need some more power for all their gadgets. The Outlets To Go 3 has a simple and compact design that is perfect for portable use. You've got three A/C outlets that will fit those chunky three-prong plugs as well as two high-powered USB ports that are perfect for charging small gadgets without taking any A/C outlet space. Monster has thought about just about everything except for one detail, read more to find out! 

You can see hot small and portable the Outlets To Go 3 really is compared to an iPhone. With the retractible plug that folds out it's even easier to carry around and store. This is also where the issue revolves around. If you plug in the Outlets To Go 3 into your wall, you will not be able to plug in a separate three-prong plug into the top outlet because the Outlets To Go 3's design is too high and will only allow for smaller two-prong plugs to be inserted above it. 

So it's disappointing if you need to use the top outlet with a three-prong plug in conjunction with the Outlets To Go 3. 

There isn't any problem hooking up all kinds of goodies to the Outlets To Go 3. I've hooked up a mini Apple power adapter on top of a three-prong plug while on the opposite side there is an Apple Battery Charger and two USB cables. So If you've got all these devices that are in need of some power, the Outlets To Go 3 does a pretty good job handling the job all in a small form factor that is great for those who are on the go and even for home use.

The Outlets To Go 3 feels very solid and well built for travel use. I love that I can power five of my gadgets all at once and all in one place instead of having to plug into multiple A/C outlets around the place. I would have liked to see a better implementation of the retractible plug so that it will take less space of the neighboring wall outlet which will allow to use an additional three-prong plug. The Monster Outlets To Go 3 is a great travel buddy for your gadgets. Price $29.95.

Nir Schneider