Tekkeon myPower Battery Case for iPhone 4

There are many battery cases out there for the iPhone 4 that come in various sizes to help you get thru your day without the need to plug and wait for your iPhone to charge. Well, Tekkeon has come up with the myPower battery case for the iPhone 4 which comes in a slim form factor and packs a 1,200mAh hot-swappable battery pack. The myPower isn't your ordinary battery case, it has the ability to exchange your drained battery pack for a freshly charged one, that is if you purchase an additional battery module from Tekkeon. So is this sleek and slim battery case really worth your hard earned cash? Read more to find out after the break!

Using the myPower is a pleasant experience since it's so comfortable to hold due to it's contour edges and soft-touch matte finish. To my surprise, I have not felt any sort of heat or even a slight warm feeling when using the myPower. That alone made me very happy. Unlike other battery cases, the myPower does not charge your iPhone 4. You might be thinking then what in the world do I need a battery case that doesn't charge my iPhone 4 right? Well Tekkeon has smartly turned things around and instead of charging and cycling your iPhone 4's battery, the myPower directly powers your iPhone 4 of it's internal battery while your iPhone 4's battery life stays a bit more healthier.

There is however one downside to this, and that is because the myPower does not indicate how much juice it has left in it or how much longer will you be able to live of it's battery. There is only one blue LED indicator which stays lit while the myPower is turned on and being used. Because your iPhone 4 isn't being charged, it will stay on it's current battery percentage as long as the myPower is being used. So you have no way of actually knowing how much battery you've got left to use. It would be really helpful if the myPower has more LED indicators to show how much battery life is left. 

The myPower's battery performance has been really great. It let me use my iPhone 4 regularly when I had about 4% charge left in it. I've had the brightness turned all the way up, push notifications were set to 15 minutes, WiFi was turned on and used constantly to check emails and watch videos using the Hulu app. I have managed to get a good 4-5 hours of battery life using the myPower, which is about a full charge on my iPhone 4 and that will probably vary depending on your usage. I'm quite impressed by the myPower's performance and slim form factor. You're definitely going to get the most out of your day using the myPower as apposed to just a fully charged iPhone 4. 

The myPower has a slider style design and the iPhone 4 easily slides into it. Buttons and ports are all easily accessible except of course for the dock connector which you will need to use the supplied cable to both sync and charge your myPower and your iPhone 4 all at once. You can see that there are speaker and mic holes that are directed at you, and that actually helps while using the speakerphone and when listening to music since the audio is directed towards you. I found this method to be more enjoyable.

There isn't any lay-on-the-table design so your screen isn't very protected. Other than that the myPower offers a decent amount of protection.

Overall the Tekkeon myPower is a great battery case for the iPhone 4 but lacks on the battery power indication. It might not a big deal for most users but it's always a good thing to be aware of. The myPower is also compatible with front and back skins which is always a good thing since most of us use them on our iPhones, plus there are front and back clear protectors included. You can pick up the myPower in white, black and red for $79.95 and each additional slim battery module for $24.95.