iSkin Solo Smart for iPad 2 Review

Covers for the back of the iPad 2 to complement the Smart Cover seem to be a dime a dozen these days with each manufacturer making their own versions. One of the newest ones out there is by iSkin, a company known for making great cases like the Revo and Vu. The Solo Smart is a TPU case with some features that help it to stand out in the oversaturated market. The question is, will those features help it stand out or will it get lost in the sea of back covers? 

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Luxa2 PH4 & PH1 iPhone 4 Cases

We will be covering two cases from Luxa2 called the PH4 and the PH1 for the iPhone 4. The PH4 case is also a stand with a built in kickstand on it's back and a pleather finish while the PH1 case for the iPhone 4 is a much more simple back snap-on case with a matte finish. But are these cases really sweet and charming? Find out after the break!

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