Incipio NGP for iPhone 4

Incipio's NGP case for the iPhone 4 stands for "Next Generation Polymer", which is a fancy name for TPU or thermo polyurethane. The Incipio NGP case has a matte feel to it, seems to be a little bit on the bulky side, and offers a lot of protection, will it have what it takes to make it to the top of my favorites list? Catch the full review of the Incipio NGP after the break.

First and foremost is installation. Installation was a breeze with the NGP. To install the case, I first put in my phone bottom side first, then gently snapped the top corners in until it was nice and snug. The only problem that I experienced with this case is that If you have a screen protector, you may want to squeeze the case in until fully snug because the cases sides seemed to bulge out ever so slightly. After a few days though, they should be fine and you should not experience any loose or saggy sides. The NGP has a very good amount of lay on the table so if you were to set your iPhone 4 face down, no dust or debris should come into contact with the LCD.

My favorite type of cases are ones made from TPU, which is sort of a mix between a silicone and a polycarbonate material. Not too hard and not too soft. This is the exact reason that I decided to purchase the NGP, it has a very hard outside but is also soft enough that it can stretch just like a silicone case. The matte feel of the NGP feels just like that of an anti fingerprint screen shield and provides some of the best grip I have ever felt in a TPU case. 

Due to the thickness and material that the NGP is made out of, it provides some very good protection from accidental bumps and drops. I feel very safe with the NGP wrapped around my delicate iPhone 4 and I'm absolutely sure that this case would help the iPhone survive through any type of impact. The Incipio NGP reminds me very much of the iSkin cases. This is due to the see thru finish that the NGP is equipped with. The see thru back, sides, and front showcase more of the iPhone 4 and make it seem like a very modern accessory.

The NGP has some very precise button cutouts. There is a small cutout for the headphone jack, a recessed but easy to feel silent switch cutout, and a large open slit for the speaker, mic, and thirty pin dock connector. The buttons for the volume rockers and the sleep/wake button are very tactile and I had absolutely no trouble or sore fingers when using those buttons. I didn't notice any flash on the case and the craftsmanship that Incipio put into this case is amazing because the build quality is darn near perfect.

The NGP also comes with a screen protector that I have yet to try out but have heard that it is a very nice screen protector. It also comes with a microfiber wipe and a squeegee for the screen guard application. As of right now I only have the case in mercury gray but you can find it in a variety of different colors, eight to be exact, with some being translucent while others being a solid color.

The Incipio NGP is one of the best cases that I have ever tried and is currently my favorite iPhone 4 case (which is saying something because I'm very picky when it comes to iPhone cases), and with all the goodies at an amazing price, this one is definitely a keeper. You can pick up the Incipio NGP at Incipio's website for 24.99 or at your local Wal-Mart and Target for a price of 19.95.