Motorola S10 HD Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

There are two reasons why you should choose Bluetooth headphones over regular headphones and earphones and that is if you exercise and or don't like the idea of wires restricting your every move. This is where the Motorola S10 HD Bluetooth stereo headphones come in as the ideal choice for those demands. We are going to look at the S10 HD's features, build quality, usability and most importantly sound quality. Check out the full review after the break!

The Motorola S10 HD headphones can be used for listening to music, watching movies and even taking calls all in a wire-free environment. There are 3-button controls on both sides of the S10 HD which let you control the volume, answer/end as well as activate your phone's voice features on one side while on the other side you can skip tracks and play/pause. The microphone is place at the front and seems to pick up voice very well even though it's located right next to your ear. Using the control buttons can really uncomfortable because when you press a button you also press down on the earbud which in term pushes further into you ear and that causes some pain. These buttons require some force to be pressed so you will find yourself using two fingers instead of just one to press down on a button just to avoid discomfort. 

Other than that the S10 HD are really comfortable to wear around the back of your head for long periods of time. To wear the S10 HD headphones you need to place place them around your ears like a band so that they rest on top of your ears while the earbuds gently go inside your ears but not as much as regular in-ears do. Once you have the S10 HD on your head you will notice that there is no way they are going to fall out of your hears let alone your head. They stay in place even when you run, jump and headbang. Motorola did an amazing job designing their Bluetooth stereo headphones for active use that's for sure. Ideally you would want your headphones to last you a long time when you exercise and do a lot of active workouts and sweat right? Well then it's good to know that the S10 HD are sweat proof. 

The build quality is very good and the S10 HD don't feel cheaply made at all. The inner sides are lined with grippy rubber but I would have like to see Motorola use the same textured rubber found on the S9 HD just because it looks and feels better. I can see the S10 HD taking a beating without getting ruined which is great for what they are meant for. 

The 'HD' in the Motorola S10 HD stands for high definition sound quality, sadly there is no high definition sound in the S10 HD but more of a 'MD' - muddy definition sound. Every music genere will sound the same with a very canned sound which sounds muddy and held back. Think of it as if the treble was turned down all the way. The sound clarity still exists but again it sounds as if the treble is turned down way too much and someone needs to balance it. The good thing about the sound is that is does not distort at the highest volume which might not be enough for some because it does not go high enough. It's not that the volume level is not good enough it's just that some people prefer their music very loud, and the Motorola S10 HD won't cut it. 

If you're not an audiophile and have not tried out high end headphones then I don't think you're going to be disappointed by the S10 HD although the sound quality isn't up to par with it's predecessor, the S9 HD. The S10 HD have an overly warm sound which is detailed though not balanced. The lows are actually very good and the bass is thumpy but not overpowering which makes the overall sound quality enjoyable for what it's worth. Taking Bluetooth connectivity into account, the S10 HD perform really well minus the unbalanced sound quality. There are no lags in between the audio source and the headphones so watching videos is a suitable option even with Bluetooth compatible computers. 

The Motorola S10 HD have a built-in rechargeable battery so there is no need for batteries to power them. You can only charge these using the supplied wall charger to micro USB. I would have liked to see some sort of USB charging cable included to be able to charge via USB with the S10 HD. The battery lasts a long time on a full charge and should give you about 8 hours of play time. Sound isolation isn't a feature found on the S10 HD however, they do a good job in partially blocking background noises while not leaking sound to your surroundings. This is important when you listen to your music in public places and do not want others to hear your music and interfere. 

If you need all the features the Motorola S10 HD has to offer I think they make a pretty great pair of wireless headphones if you plan on using another pair of regular headphones as your main headphones. As of now the Motorola S10 HD or even the S9 HD are one of the best stereo Bluetooth headphones available. The street price is low right now so I think you can get a great deal especially on Amazon. The S10 HD are only available in black as of this review while the S9 HD come in a few colors. Price $79.99.

Nir Schneider