Padlette Silicone Grip Handle for iPad

The Padlette is surely a weird contraption made out 100% stretchy silicone and it's on a mission to help you get a grip. Of your iPad. The wonderful thing about this silicone grip, handle, strap or whatever you would like to call it, is that it can wrap around your iPad when it's naked or when it's cased. Some of you might already have pretty grippy cases but for those of you who don't, you may want to take a look at the Padlette. Read on for the full review after the break.

What the Padlette is made for is to give you a more secure hold of your delicate iPad and allowing you to grab a hold of it's handles in every way possible. There isn't really a right way of using the Padlette, it let's you choose how you want to hold your iPad. The Padlette is a silicone band of sort that stretches from corner to corner and by using friction it grabs a hold of the iPad so that you can securely wrap your hand through the Padlette band. The Padlette stretches very tightly onto the iPad so there isn't a need to worry about it coming off when using it nor will it scratch the iPad.

It's a really assuring way of holding your iPad without having to worry about suddenly losing grip and dropping it on the floor. I must say that the Padlette is such a simple yet usable accessory for clumsy folks. It works on cases and skins and can be easily removed and installed. There are many ways you could grip your iPad using the Padlette whether you want to hold your iPad in portrait mode, in landscape mode, or even without trying to hold your iPad. If Spider-Man were to lose his powers, I bet he would use a Padlette with his iPad. 

The Padlette works exactly as advertised. Though there is a very minor issue when you have it on your iPad it will cover a bit of the speakers depending on which way your put it on. I found that having just one of the speaker grills covered is better than having it get in the way of the volume rocker. 

I'm a fan of the Padlette for sure. It's a great way of getting a more secure hold of your iPad in many ways. The Padlette is available in nine amazing colors for $25. 

Nir Schneider