Powermat Complete Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4

Prepare to get rid of your iPhone 4's charging and sync USB cable because, we are going wireless with the Powermat Complete Wireless Charging System for the iPhone 4. Or are we? Powermat is the notorious wireless charging solution company that makes wireless charging systems for various gadgets like the one we happened to have here, the iPhone 4. The Powermat system is supposed to let you charge your devices without needing to plug them in using cables, though there are some things that kind of defeat the purpose of this whole method. Find out in the full review just after the break! 

What you are going to get with the Powermat system for the iPhone 4 are the Powermat single position charging mat, protective receiver case, universal power supply and a micro USB to USB sync cable. Now you might be thinking now there are wires involved in this thing, well in order to use the Powermat wireless charging system you will need to use the Powermat receiver case with your iPhone 4 in order to charge. You need to know that if you are going to be using and fully take advatage of the Powermat Wireless Charging System, you will need to use the Powermat case with your iPhone 4 in your daily life. 

The most important feature of the Powermat which is wireless charging, requires the use of the Powermat iPhone 4 case. The case overall isn't a bad case but I don't think it will be enough for an everyday protective case. Some of you will like the Powermat case while others won't. The case itself is slim so it doesn't add much bulk but is also offers minimal protection. The fit could be better as there is a tiny bit of play where the top part of the case snaps onto the iPhone 4. Installing the case is very simple and done by sliding in the iPhone 4 and snapping the top part of the case onto the iPhone 4. There isn't any lay-on-the-table design so your glass screen in not protected. Buttons are all easily accessible and the camera cutout does not interfere while taking pictures.

The Powermat charging mat is really solid and has rubber feet at the bottom to help it stay in place and not scratch the surface on which it is placed on. Charging is really simple, quick and effective. All you do to charge your iPhone 4 is lay it on top of the Powermat charging mat and charging begins immediately accompanied by the Powermat charging sound notification and white LED bar that indicates your iPhone 4 is charging. I really love those two charging indications on the Powermat system. Once your iPhone 4 is fully charges, the white LED indicator will turn off and your iPhone 4 will no longer get charged. Everything works really well and I have not ran into any complications. 

It's a great method of quickly charging your iPhone 4 and not having to worry about finding your charging cable and plugging it into a power source to charge. The drawbacks to this whole operation is that you actually will need to use the supplied USB sync cable in order to sync your iPhone 4 with your computer. I wish Powermat could have incorporated both the charging and syncing into the mat so you will never need to plug your iPhone 4 with cables. But hey, the Powermat is all about wireless charging and that is what it's doing well.

So charging is done wirelessly but does require you to use only Powermat's own case with your iPhone 4. The Powermat system isn't for everyone but it won't hurt to try it out. Powermat has all sorts of charging mats in different sizes for all kinds of gadgets, I would recommend checking out all their offerings if you're interested in getting one of these. The Powermat Complete Wireless Charging System for the iPhone 4 will run you $59.99.


Nir Schneider