Agent18 ShockShield

The ShockShield by Agent18 is a silicone case that does not attract any lint or dust for the iPhone 3GS, The ShockShield provides excellent shock and drop protection for your iPhone but does add some bulk to it. The ShockShield is made out of sturdy silicone so it is not flimsy but can be a little more form fitting around the iPhone, it needs to be a little tighter however that is a minor issue. Your iPhone will stay protected all around with the chrome bezel, power button, home button and volume buttons all covered and very responsive to your every push. The back of the ShockShield has a really nice unique design of lines that curve and also provide you with a good grip, the colors of the ShockShield are very bright and vivid that scream “look here!” and you have a choice of 6 colors. With the ShockShield you get a nice and small metal stand for viewing movies or just turning your iPhone into a nightstand clock and a screen protector. Price $19.95.

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Nir Schneider