Sena Kutu Leather Sleeve for iPhone 3G 3GS

The Kutu case by Sena has a slim pouch design and is made from fine full grain pebble Italian leather, the Kutu is a very executive and elegant looking case for the iPhone 3G/S with detailed tan colored lining that is very subtle but still adds a lot. The overall quality is very high from the leather to the stitching, Sena is one of the best iPhone leather case makers out there. The Kutu has a very smooth and simple design, the edges are lightly rounded and it is almost identical on both sides apart from one side that had a small and almost unnoticeable embedded logo which I find very nice because it does not take anything away from the overall elegant design, and of course the pull-tab. The Kutu case also features a slim back pocket for an I.D or credit card that is also very well concealed.

So can you dock or charge your iPhone while in the case? Well not really because there is not opening only for the speaker and mic, but it will take you a second to flip your iPhone around and you will be able to charge your iPhone it the case. It is very easy to slide the iPhone into and out of the Kutu, the inside is lined with very soft padding. The Kutu offers great protection while your iPhone stays securely in place but of course some dust or lint will form on top of your iPhone because the of the pouch style top opening. The Kutu is very slim and barely adds any bulk while in your pocket. The Kutu case is available in 3 color options. Price $44.95.

Nir Schneider