Tech21 iBand V2

The iBand by Tech21 for the iPhone 3G/S features D3o which is an excellent shock absorbing material that offers 134% more impact protection then most other cases, the iBand protects your iPhone all around leaving the front and back exposed however because of the thickness of the iBand you get great lay on the table design for the back and the front of your iPhone. The iBand flexes a little bit and feels hard to the touch but upon impact it will absorb the shock and will distribute it upon itself rather then passing it to your iPhone thanks to the technology of the D3o material. Holding your iPhone while protected by an iBand can be a little weird at first and would take some time getting used to the fit and design.

The iBand does not attract any lint but also does not provide much grip so you will not have a problem sliding your iPhone in and out of your pocket. This iBand is the newer version that now includes cutouts for the iPhone’s buttons but they stay very recessed because of the iBands thickness and it makes it somewhat hard to reach and press the sleep/power button. I would recommend getting a back protection film to go along with the iBand to get the best overall protection. The iBand is a great shock and drop protection for your iPhone while allowing you to show off most of of your iPhone. iBand comes in black and white colors to complement your iPhone.  Price $29.95.

Nir Schneider