Woodees Wood Earphones w/Mic

The Woodees natural wooden in-ear earphones look great but does wood really sound richer? Well yes, the Woodees do have a nice full and warm sound with deep bass, the wood housing definitely adds a unique natural looking style. The built quality and design is actually really good with nice silver accents and of course the wood with burned in Woodees logos on each ear piece and R/L channel indicators, the wood housing is very well finished with smooth rounded corners to the touch.

The Woodees sound is not crystal clear and the bass can be a little grainy at times. Although the overall sound quality is not bad at all for non audiophiles and certainly a big step up from any of your stock earphones that are provided with iPods and iPhones. The Woodees also feature a built in mic and button control so you can use them as your headset and control your music or videos, a non mic Woodees version is also available for a cheaper price. The Woodees are very light weight and comfortable with 4 paris of silicone ear tips that should provide Noise Cancelation however they do a very poor job at canceling outside noise but will still provide very little noise cancelation. Woodees are compatible with the iPhone 2G, 3G/S, iPod and other smartphones. Included with a pair of Woodees are a shirt clip and a storage pouch.  Price $49.99. 


Nir Schneider