WaterField Designs Suede Jacket

The Suede Jacket for the iPhone 3GS is an ultraslim slip-pouch design, it’s great for those who don’t like to use a case but still want some protection against scratches. The Suede Jacket has a secure and tight fit and is made out of very soft suede inside and out so your iPhone would also get cleaned when you insert into the pouch, it’s very easy to put in your phone into the Suede Jacket and super easy to take out. It adds no bulk what so ever so keeping your iPhone in your pocket feels great. There are no logos or designs on the Suede Jacket which is a nice change and makes you wonder why didn’t my iPhone already come with this ultraslim pouch in the first place.The Suede Jacker also come in one more version that features an external pocket to hold credit card or accessories. The Suede Jacket also comes in other sizes to fit other device such as the Zune HD, It’s only available in black. This is a great ultraslim pouch for a great price and it’s all made in SF, USA. The guys at WaterField are super nice, they have many great affordable products that you should check out. Priced at $9 and $13 for the pocket version.


Nir Schneider