Macessity TrayStation for MacBooks

The TrayStation is a riser stand for your Macbook and it will fit any sized Macbook too. The TrayStation consists of 2 parts, the Station (stand) that is made out of metal and the tray that is made out of clear acrylic, this way you have 2 options for cooling your Macbook, you can use just the tray on a desk or on your lap or you can latch it onto the Station for better viewing. Both the Station and Tray have 4 rubber feet underneath, the Tray has a channel to help ventilate hot air and cool both your lap and your Macbook. The TrayStation does not have any fans and my only drawback i have is that the base (Station) is not made out of aluminum, instead it is heavy metal coated in aluminum color, nothing wrong but it would have been much nice to have anodized aluminum instead. The TrayStation does a nice job keeping the Macbook cooler but also does a great job rising it 6” from your desk. The StayStation is very well designed and does match with other Apple products, a hole in the back acts as a cable management for your power or usb cables. Your also able to only purchase the clear acrylic Tray from Macessity. Price $54.99.

Nir Schneider