Atomic Floyd HiDefDrum

The HiDefDrum by Atomic Floyd are definitely one of the best looking earphones on the market, not only are they great looking but they also sound great as well but we will get to that later. The HiDefDrum can also be used as a headset for your iPhone, BlackBerry and even Skype, with a mic and a single control button that are located in the Y cable splitter.

The design is very well thought out all the way from the small 24K gold plated 3.5mm audio plug to the packaging. The packaging is amazing and compact, included is a really nice leather semi hard carry pouch that is double stitched, very nice attention to detail. The cable is very durable and has a nylon mesh coating not a normal rubber cable, it's definitely the best nylon cable iv'e seen but it tangles up really easily when stored. Build quality - Is absolutely outstanding to say the least. The HiDefDrum are entirely constructed from steel but stay very lightweight thanks to the thin AcousticSteel™ construction. 

Sound quality - Atomic Floyd have turned the treble and bass to the max on the HiDefDrum and you notice that immediately, the sound is super crisp and clear as can be for this price range and you can easily distinguish between every instrument. You do not get any muddy or distorted sound, the bass sounds great however it is not bass heavy at all and I would have liked some more of it that's for sure. The best way to describe the sound is treble heavy and that's not a bad thing at all, the sound will suit most music genres and HipHop less. I myself really like my bass but after hearing the sound that the HiDefDrum produces i care less now because of the superb quality I hear my music at. 

Comfort - The HiDefDrum are extremely comfortable inside my ears and they stay on too. I managed to get little sound isolation using the supplied ear tips.