NewKinetix Re Universal Remote

NewKinetix Re allows you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a universal remote control for almost any device with an IR receiver like a T.V/DVD Player/Cable or Dish Box and much more. All you need is to download the free Re app to your iPhone or iPod Touch and plug in your Re IR adapter. The Re app is very easy to set up and within minutes you will be using your iDevice to control your T.V and more, the Re has a huge built in IR code database so all you need to do is select the brand of device you have and the name and you will be instantly connected it's that simple! I found it to be very easy to use and navigate thru the app and controls, although there are some minor issues like volume control, i had to switch between my cable box to my T.V in order to change the volume but i'm sure that will get fixed in the next app update. There is no lag when pressing the control buttons and everything is super responsive, so responsive that the Re made my stock cable box remote look bad. The Re only has 1 IR transmitter on the side of the adapter, so if you think you can control your device from crazy angles you can forget about it. It works great when pointed straight at the IR receiver of the device you are controlling and some.

The Re adapter is ultra light, but very big in my opinion. With all that space i would expect NewKinetix to at least provide 2 IR transmitters for better angle controllability. A nice addition to the Re adapter is a little neoprene carry pouch that's included however only for a limited time. The Re works very well and is much easier to set up then a normal universal remote that's for sure! The Re will work with any iPhone or iPod Touch model.  Price $69.95.

Nir Schneider