Sennheiser IE6 Sound Isolating Earphones


The Sennheiser IE6 are the lowest in the IE series of Sound Isolating In-Ears however they are great performers and well worth their price tag. The IE6 deliver superb sound quality that will surely out preform many In-Ears in the similar price range, the IE6 have fantastic well balanced bass that isn't overpowering and tight. If you're looking for optimal bass response and custom tuning then you will want to check out Sennheiser's IE8 with of course a much larger price tag. The IE6 have super clear and detailed highs and mids, they do have a nice non muddy warm sound due to the dynamic drivers which most people love. The IE6 come with many silicone ear tips that make listening to your music very enjoyable and comfortable for long periods of time but to get the best performance and sound quality out of your IE6 i would recommend getting some foam tips instead, that way you get much better sound isolation and a little more bass response.

You can wear the IE6 directly in you ear or wrap then around you ear and insert them into your ear, both methods are great and will stay securely inside you ear. The design is a little outdated for me and I find the design of both the IE7 & IE8 far more modern and sleek to my taste however the IE6 have great build quality and  the audio cable is very durable. The 3.5mm audio jack is L shaped and also very well built, you will still be able to use it with an iPad, iPhone and such with cases on. Sennheiser has really put a lot of thought into the packaging of the IE series, you will find a very nice looking hard carry case for you IE6 that will store them neatly and securely inside, although I found it to be a little too bulky to carry around. The Sennhesier IE6 are a fantastic pair of In-Ears that deliver great sound for a great price.  Price $259.95 - Available for much less on

Nir Schneider